First Day of School

Dear Parents, 

The first day of school can be very overwhelming for our little ones! Please read the following in preparation for the first day.

A Successful Morning:
Please bring your student to our classroom no earlier than
 8:30 AM. Have your student practice hanging up his/her backpack on the outside hooks. Walk your student into the classroom. Help them find their desk and put their name tag on. Once the bell rings, walk your student out to dot B-10 on the blacktop and help him/her get in line. Give them a great big hug and kiss and remind them that you're very proud! Once I walk out to the line, please help your student gain independence by saying your final goodbyes on the blacktop.

Recess and Lunch:
For most of our little ones, lunch is a new concept. In Kindergarten, students only have one time to eat, during their recess. The first grade schedule includes lunch held at midday (11:45AM-12:30PM) and recess held during mid afternoon (1:20-1:40PM). Because of this schedule, please communicate to your child the difference between the food packed for lunch and the food packed for recess. Many first graders end up eating their entire lunch during lunchtime and have nothing left over for recess. Please tell your child that you will draw a "happy face" on the snack that is supposed to be brought out to recess. Placing a happy face on their snack will remind them of your conversation and will help your student feel successful during the first couple days of school.

Parent Pick Up:
Parent pick up can be a bit crazy, so please arrive early! I will intentionally walk my students out
 ten minutes early on the first day and a few minutes early for the remainder of the first week. Although there is no way to avoid the chaos, hopefully this approach will help. Please make eye contact with me before taking your student. After the first week of school, your student will walk out on their own. Please make sure your student knows your meeting spot. 

All car Pick Ups will need a sign so we can speed up the process. Students will be listening for their names as they sit in the designated area. 
Walkers will exit from the Kinder Entrance/left side (if looking at the school) 

Looking forward to the best day ever with your little ones!

Mr. Bunker