Classroom Management

Classroom Management Plan

In order to maintain a safe and positive environment for all students in my class, we have three rules. The rules were discussed in depth with your child. I expect them to be followed at all times.

Rules (These are the same as the school rules):

1.    Be Responsible; Do your best work

2.    Be Safe; Respect your school

3.    Be Respectful; Help others succeed

I LOVE to celebrate your child’s positive behavior.

Individual Rewards:

Verbal praise

Positive notes to students/notes home/phone calls home

Dolphin tickets (for our weekly raffle)

Jaques classroom economy/money and coupons (to be spent at our classroom store)


Whole Class Rewards:

Verbal praise

Table team points Classsroom "Cloud" points

Classroom parties

Jaques money

Dolphin tickets


Verbal warning

Warning card on desk (as a visual reminder)

Writing in the “Thinking about my Behavior” book

"Responsibility Time" during Recess Room/Buddy classroom

Principal’s office/Behavior contract

*For actions that are severe (hitting, fighting, etc), students will be sent straight to the office.