Parking Lot Procedures

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I hope you all had a wonderful summer with your families and are ready to come back to a fantastic year of learning. Whether you are new to LCM or not, we feel it is always proactive to review our Drop-Off and Pick-Up procedures in an effort to alleviate congestion and to help our children stay safe while exiting or entering our school campus. Please read the following procedures carefully.

There are two (2) Pick-Up lanes ONLY in front of the school. No parking will be permitted in the drive through lanes during afternoon pick-up or morning drop-off in front of the school. This is to ensure a smooth and orderly flow of traffic. We will practice these procedures the first few days of school with the children.



  1. The two (2) lanes are designated as:
  • “MAINLAND”Pick-Up (Last names A – L): Parents should drive to the far right of the school. Please follow signs according to your designation.
  • “ISLAND”Pick-Up (Last names M – Z): Parents should drive to the far left of the school. Please follow signs according to your designation.
  • M. Kindergarten students and their sibling(s) will wait on the

“MAINLAND” until P.M. Kindergarten is dismissed at 3:25 p.m. (Wednesdays at 2:25

p.m.)These children will all be picked up on the “MAINLAND” regardless of last name



During Pick-Up time, your child will be directed to his or her waiting area. There are three (3) waiting areas:

  • Student Waiting Areas are as follows:
    • Mainland Wait Area - in front of the school. Last names A – L wait here.
    • Island Wait Area - in front of the school on center island. Last names M – Z wait here.
    • Parent Walkers - please wait for your child(ren) in front of the cafeteria in the Parent Walkers Wait Area. Your child(ren) will be brought up to you. If you need to enter campus please wait until you have your child (3:20 p.m. would be best).
  1. ALL students must SIT and wait for their ride. No running or playing will be permitted during this time. This includes children who are with their parents waiting in front of school.
  1. Those students who walk home alone need to exit the campus immediately. “Kids On Campus” children need to report to KOC immediately.
  1. Remember, the idea is to keep everyone safe and traffic flowing safely and smoothly while exiting the school campus; therefore, if your child forgets something (i.e. backpack, lunch pail, etc.), please circle through the line again to help keep others moving.


The cross walk for ISLAND Pick-Up will be at the end of the island (by Kindergarten fence). ISLAND students must wait for a Safety Guard to escort them across and onto the Island where they will be picked up.

The crosswalk in the middle of the school is designated as a handicap crosswalk only and is painted blue.


When dropping children off in the morning before school, it would be helpful to use your “MAINLAND” or “ISLAND” designations. However, if you choose, you may drop-off in either designation. This choice does not apply for after school pick-up.


  1. All students (Island and Mainland) must enter their car CURBSIDE only. Do not have your child(ren) go around your vehicle to get in.
  2. Drivers and additional passengers must remain in their vehicles at all times while entering the school campus Pick-Up or Drop-Off areas.
  3. Always proceed with caution and be respectful of all our school community.
  4. No cell phone usage while driving in the parking lot. It’s the law!!
  5. Should you need to talk to your child’s teacher: pick up your child, park, then enter the school campus, or make an appointment with your child’s teacher.
  6. There is NO PARKING allowed outside the La Costa Ridge neighborhood. Please do not park inside or outside their gates.
  7. Utilize all exterior campus crosswalks rather than jaywalking.
  8. Set a good example… Our motto at LCM is “The Dolphin Way… Do the Right Thing, Even When No One is Looking.” If we all follow our motto, our children will be safe.

In addition to our procedures, the LCM Safety Committee will continue to address safety issues pertaining to our school community. Should you have any questions, suggestions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for keeping our children/community safe

and for being patient during the first few weeks of school while we become reacquainted

with our pick-up and drop-off procedures.

These procedures are also available on our website at