Accelerated Reader Information

AR: Reading Superheros reading is my superpower
LCM Is looking for Reading Superheros!! Each student will have a challenge to be a Reading Superhero by participating in our Accelerated Reader Program.

Each student will have individual reading goals according to his/her reading ability.

Goals will be recognized each month at flag, while awards will be awarded during scheduled library time.

Each class will have a chance to participate in a Superhero challenge at Flag Salute. The winner will be tasked with the challenge of overcoming our reading villain, Dr. Don't Read.   2nd- 5th Grades:

 25% of Goal

Picture on Superhero board in the Library

50% of Goal

Superhero dog tag

75% of Goal

Free Book

100% of Goal

Superhero Squishy

First Grade Only:

Level 1: 3pts.                          Name on Board

Level 2:  10pts.                   Superhero dog tag

Level 3:  20pts.                   Superhero wristband

Level 4:  35pts.                   Superhero Squishy

Level 5:  50pts.                   Superhero Field Day

AR Flag Salute Schedule:

Flag Schedule:

September 27: Kick-Off

December 20

March 27

October 25

January 31

April 24

November 22

February 28

May 29: Final Flag