Class Champion Information

Each 4th and 5th grade classroom held a classroom Geography Bee to determine their top 3 champions. Those 3 will compete with the other class champions on Friday, January 13th (right after flag salute in the cafeteria). The information below is useful for those champions to help them study for the school bee.


You made it to the National Geographic Bee! You are already a winner, but remember, there can be only ONE final champion. This information will help you prepare for the competition. The topics covered may come from the following:

  • U.S. Geography
  • U.S. Cities
  • U.S. Random facts covering economics, culture, physical geography, history, state nicknames, etc.
  • Continents
  • World Geography
  • Physical Geography Across the Globe

The following website will be of great help to you!

This site offers a Study Corner with resources to help you prepare, a list of apps you can download onto your mobile device, as well as daily quizzes with a few questions each day. This will help prepare you for the types of questions that will be asked at the Bee.

Questions will start out easy and get progressively harder. Initially, you will have choices to choose from, usually the first 3 rounds. Then you will be asked for specific questions, such as which continent, which country, what mountain range, or what is the name of a specific river? The final rounds will also include a map, usually of the United States with a legend. Students will be placed in random order, but the order will remain the same as students are excused. So, the student that is placed in the number one position, will always begin each round.

One final note, this is a competition based upon good listening as well. You will be limited on how many "Can you repeat the question?" responses you give, and you may only ask one time on a question.

Remember, TWO of you will get down to the final round. This is a tough position to be in, but ultimately, we will have only one final champion! The champion will then go to the office, the same day, and take the National Geographic State Test in an attempt to qualify for the state level of competition. Each state will then send its champions to test at the national level for a $25,000 scholarship! Good luck!

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