5th Grade Curriculum

Fifth Grade Curriculum at a Glance

Math - There is a heavy focus on conceptual understanding of place value, decimals, fractions, problem solving, geometry, and measurement. All strands will involve the use of all four mathematical operations. Students will be expected to solve problems and explain their reasoning using words, models, and numbers.

Reading and Language Arts-  Our district has recently adopted Benchmark, a comprehensive Reading and English Language Arts program which includes reading, close reading, text analysis, vocabulary development, language conventions, writing, word analysis, and text-dependent questioning. We will supplement this curriculum with Lexia, Wordly Wise (enriched vocabulary), grammar and language practice, novel studies, read alouds, small group reading instruction, and research projects.

Writing- Writing is integrated within the Benchmark English Language Arts curriculum. Students should be fluent writers so they can express themselves in an understandable way. Students are expected to write independently and proficiently in these areas: opinion writing on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with reasons and text evidence, informative pieces that examine topics and convey important information clearly, and narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events. Students are assessed in: written expression, organization, writing mechanics (sentence structure, grammar, punctuation), and spelling. 5th graders are expected to write multi-paragraph essays, cite and paraphrase evidence from texts in their writing, and demonstrate fluent keyboarding skills (capable of producing a 2-page essay in 1 setting.)

Science- assessed by the state for the first time in elementary school. Fifth grade standards cover: properties of matter, solar system, plants and cells, the water cycle, meteorology, and ecosystems.

***Students will be creating a science fair project to be on display during Open House.

Social Studies- We will be studying our country's history. We will begin with the geographical regions of the United States. We will explore theories on how the first inhabitants came to live in America. From here students will learn about different tribes and their regions, explorers, colonies, the American Revolution, the establishment of our government, and westward expansion. Your child will also be memorizing the 50 states and capitals this year!

Oral Language Skills- Speech Masters-Students learn to present prepared speeches. They will evaluate each other, which helps strengthen their understanding of the speech requirements. Students will give Informative and Demonstrative speeches at end of the year, after testing.