LCM Rules Matrix








• Walk facing forward.

• Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

• Ask adult or peer for help.

  • Walk on the right side of hallways and ramps

• Use kind words and actions.

• Wait for your turn

• Clean up after yourself

  • Follow directions from staff members and authorized adults the first time


• Follow the school rules.

• Always walk on white

• Take care of your belongings

• Be honest

  • Follow the 7 habits



• Keep all food to self.

  • If you want to share your lunch with someone who forgot lunch, ask supervisor first, and then only share a sealed packaged snack, not whole lunch

• Sit with feet on floor, bottom on bench, and facing table


  • Get a pass before going to nurse unless it is an emergency

• Thank the lunch ladies every day

  • When you hear the whistle, stop talking, face the supervisor speaking, and listen

• Always walk in lunch area

• Use good table manners: don’t talk with your mouth full

• Speak kindly/extend an invite and include others at your table

  • Keep hands to self and on own food


• Raise your hand wait to be excused (if you are waiting a long time with hand up to use restroom/get water, just go and come right back)

• We understand that once in a while you may forget an item, but do your best to get all utensils, milk, etc. when you first go through the line.

  • Be honest and take responsibility for picking up trash that you drop



• Include everyone who wants to play

• Watch for ways to help others

• When you hear a whistle stop and

listen for directions

• Play all games in the appropriate space and follow game rules: e.g. knockout on back courts only

• Stay on the playground

  • Eat before playing and remember to chew
  • Make sure your shoes are tied
  • Keep hands and feet to self


• Play fairly: share and take turns

• Always put play materials away where they belong

• Use equipment correctly.

• Respect classrooms in session.

  • Listen and Respect supervisors at all times
  • Be kind and gentle with others and yourself

• Always walk on white.

• Always walk on white

Walk to and from the playground

• Be aware of the games and activities around you.

• Keep the area clean.

  • Leave time for restroom breaks before and after play
  • Do the right thing even when no one is watching


• Always walk through the hallways

  • Walk forward paying attention to who is in front of you

    • Hold the door for the person behind you.

    • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Keep clear of yellow door zones

• Keep the hallways clean.

• Stay in orderly lines

  • Use quiet voice


  • Stay on the sidewalk.
  • Hands and feet off trees, plants, and planters



• Keep feet on the


• Keep water and soap in the sink.

• Always wash hands.

• Clean up after yourself, and put paper towels in the trash can

  • Always keep feet on floor

• Knock on door before entering stalls or single person restrooms

• Give people privacy

  • Close door behind you

    • Use quiet voices.

    • One person per stall.

    • Wash hands thoroughly

  • Keep walls and stalls clean and free of writing

• Flush toilet after use.

• Return to room promptly

• Sign out or use a bathroom pass

  • Remember to flush the toilet


• Enter campus when gates open at 8:15

• Go directly to your class or meeting location

• Use a quiet voice

• Follow all crosswalk rules



• Be aware of your personal space when around others

• Walk to the right in the hallways

• Hold all personal belongings safely

• Line up at 8:45 when the bell rings


• Leave campus promptly

• Enter and exit campus through the gates

  • Know your plan
  • Look for your ride



• Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

• Always walk

• Enter gates when they open at 8:15.

  • Keep feet on the ground
  • Yell/scream only in case of emergency


  • Use a reasonable voice level

• Listen to all adults and Safety Patrol


• Sit while waiting

• Watch for your car

• Hold all belongings (including equipment) safely

  • Know your after school plan


• Remind others to follow directions by modelling correct behavior

• Work quietly.

  • Use supplies, materials, and technology appropriately

• Take care of all library materials.

• Follow the rules of the library

  • Keep the library clean

• Follow the rules of the library

• Take care of all library materials

  • Return materials on time


• Wait for directions from adults

  • Always listen to teacher
  • Keep hand, feet and body to yourself

• Use audience manners.

• Clap to show appreciation

• Sit crisscross and remain seated

• Enter/exit silently

• Listen carefully and quietly

  • Raise hands
  • Use manners



• Keep cell phones in a safe spot at all times

  • This will be your backpack unless other arrangements have been made with your teacher

• Make cell phone calls only in case of emergency

  • This includes smart watches and all other wireless devices capable of placing calls
  • Be kind to others when interacting electronically

• Phone calls should only be made from school telephones during school hours



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