5th Grade Promotion Details

5th Grade Promotion Details
5th Grade Promotion Reminders: 

• Promotion begins at 8:45 AM on Tuesday. 

• Gates will not be open until 8:15. 

• Please be mindful of Kindergarteners trying to get to school between 8:10 and 8:15. 

• Be respectful of all our neighbors when parking and staff parking areas. 

• We have a limited number of chairs for families to sit in during promotion. You may bring your own chair if you are concerned about not having a seat. 

• There is no shade. Bring water and wear sunscreen and sunglasses. 

• 5th Graders typically dress up for Promotion, but they are allowed to change afterward. 

• Bring a change of clothes, including your 5th-grade t-shirt to wear after Promotion.