Parenting Nights 2018-2019

Parenting Nights at LCM

La Costa Meadows Elementary School is proud to announce a series of Parenting Nights sponsored by our LCM PTO.  Each parenting night will begin at 6pm in our school cafeteria and each event will feature an expert speaker!   Nov. 1 with Christine Fonseca: Building Stress Resilience Through Emotional Flexibility Positive psychology has brought many wonderful skills from research into the mainstream culture. But, much of the mainstream work has forgotten an important skill – emotional flexibility. This highly engaging and interactive workshop focuses on teaching emotional flexibility to children as a means to build stress resilience. Participates will leave with a clear understanding of emotional flexibility and stress resilience and how to teach these important skills to children.

Feb. 28th with John Moffat:
Bridging the Digital Knowledge Gap Between Parents and Their Children
This presentation is designed to raise awareness of the constant changes facing our youth.  The presenter translates pre-teen/teen to adult and the other way around. Putting digital boundaries in place can seem daunting, gone are the days of be home by the time the street lights come on, now the world is at our fingertips.  John will help you understand why you do not need to fear technology. His simple tips can help you and your family use technology to make real connections.