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Math Resources

Math Resources - Number Sense

Math Resources - add, subtract, multiply, divide

Math Resources - Fractions

Math Resources - Decimals

Math Resources - Factors

  • Factorize
    Learn about factors through building rectangular arrays on a grid

Math Resources - Measurement

Funbrain Shape Surveyer
Practice measuring area and perimeter.

Math Resources - Geometric Shapes

Math Resources - Graphing

National Center for Education Statistics Create a Graph
Create bar, line, area, pie, and x/y coordinate graphs

Students compare the relationship between graphical and algebraic representations of functions using this tool

Maze Game
Direct your robot through a mine field on this coordinate graph to improve your graphing skills and save the robot

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Pie Graph
Planning a birthday party with the NLVM pie graph planner will help you learn to use graphs, fractions, and percentages.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Bar Graph
Create a bar graph and note column percentages

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Box Plot/Histogram
Learn to summarize your data with a graph using this tool

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Spinner
Work with spinners to learn about mathematical predictions and probability

Math Resources - Problem Solving & Reasoning

Language Arts Resources - Spelling & Vocabulary

Internet4Classrooms 5th Grade Language Arts Skills Practice
Links provided for multiple fifth grade language skills practice pages and activities

EDuPlace Language Arts Activities

Houghton-Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary Practice
Choose your grade level and practice your spelling and vocabulary skills

Revise Wise Spelling and Grammar
This BBC site provides practice and instruction to improve your spelling and grammar

Word Central
Play a variety of word games including word of the day

SuperKids Word Work
Multiple vocabulary word work including SAT words

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
Learn vocabulary by playing your choice of several games. SAT words are included in
this series of games

Flashcard Maker
Practice vocabulary words for any subject with the flashcard maker

Language Arts Resources - Word Analysis

Synonym Toast on How many synonyms can you grab
before the toast burns?

Alien Word Mine on provides many games that allow you to practice
synonyms and antonyms at increasing levels of difficulty.

Word Central Online Dictionary and Vocabulary Practice
Students will love this great online Kid’s Dictionary

Visual Thesaurus
Use this great thesaurus that provides word definitions and easy links to new searches
for the perfect word.

Language Arts Resources - Reading

Poetry4kids has a rhyming dictionary for budding poets

California Reading Lists
This site allows you to search for State of California recommended book lists by student reading levels and interests

Eduplace's Online Books
Read a variety of non-fiction books online to improve your literacy skills

Family Matters All About Reading Site
This site provides a newsletter a month filled with ideas to support student reading at home

Ranger Rick and National Geographic World for Kids
The Ranger Rick and National Geographic World websites provide excellent fiction and non-fiction reading for kids who love nature, geography, and science!

Candlelight Stories
Candlelight stories provides a page of fiction and non-fiction stories for students to read online.

Scholastic's Book Central
Rate books, read reviews, answer questions, share opinions on message boards, and more at Book Central.

Flip Book
Students can use the Flip Book to type and illustratebooks up to ten pages long. The flip book can also be used for taking notes while reading, making picture books, collecting facts, or creating question and answer booklets.

Scholastic's Flashlight Reader Club
Join the Flashlight Reader Club (for kids who like to read under the covers at night.) Each featured book has information from the author, activities to increase comprehension, and opportunities to share ideas and opinions with peers around the world.
Students can read their favorite books and then login to BookAdventure to take quizzes on what they’ve read. This site has resources for parents, teachers, and kids!

The BBC Revise Wise English Reading Site helps students improve their deductive reasoning skills in reading, poetry, and non-fiction works.

Compare Contrast Guide
This online Compare/Contrast guide helps students learn to use this skill effectively to explain and evaluate concepts

Graphic Map
Use this online graphic map tool to map the significance of of events in a story

Mystery Cube
Use this tool to analyze, sort, and summarize while reading a mystery story

Inference Battleship on Quia
Students can practice their inference skills by playing this game on Quia

The University of Victoria Reading Exercises
On this site students read stories, answer comprehension questions, and choose summary sentences

Form a Dear America Book Club
Start a book club with your friends and their parents to read and respond to books from the Dear America Series together

Harcourt School's Test Tutor
Students can practice identifying the literary elements of a story through this online quiz.

Story Mapping Tool
This tool allows you to create a character, setting, conflict, or resolution map for a story you've read

Diagram the Plot of a short story or novel with this great online tool

Character Trading Cards
Create character trading cards for all the characters in the book you're reading...or perhaps for the book you're writing!

Language Arts Resources - Writing

Writer's Toolkit from Channel 4
Channel 4 provides students with a great online writer's toolkit

ABC's of the Writing Process
Students can click on each of the stages of the writing process for instruction and ideas

BBC Revise Wise Writing Site
Learn the art of writing stories, letters, and non-fiction essays following the stages of the writing process

Paragraph Writing
Learn to write the perfect paragraph

News Writing with Scholastic Editors
Students learn to write news stories with the experts!

Biography Writing with the Online BioCube:
Students print a guide sheet, complete research, and then type their findings online. The result is a printable "BioCube" of the person's life.

Biography Writer's Workshop
Learn to write biographical stories from famous authors Patricia and Fredrick McKissack!

Descriptive Writing with Virginia Hamilton (Personal Narrative)
Famous author, Virginia Hamilton gives lessons in descriptive writing.

Writing Book Reviews with Rodman Philbrick
Rodman Philbrick gives students great lessons in writing powerful book reviews!

Persuade Star is a free online tool to help students write an online persuasive essay.

Persuasion Map
This online tool will guide you as you map out your persuasive essay or debate

Students can write, submit stories, and evaluate other students’ stories at KidsCom.

Book Hooks
Publish illustrated book reviews online

Language Arts Resources - Grammar & Punctuation

Grammar Blast
Eduplace provides these grade level quizzes to help you test your grammar and punctuation skills

Grammar Gorillas
Here is a fun online quiz to practice grammar skills

Revise Wise Spelling and Grammar
This BBC site provides practice and instruction to improve your spelling and grammar skills.

Clean Up Your Grammar
In this Maggie's Earth Adventure you need to clean up the grammar on a local beach to win the game. (Spanish version too)

Edit the Copy
Help Dan edit his news report by correcting the grammar and punctuation

Practice all your grammar skills at the StuFun Site

I Know That: Supernova Sentence Puzzles
Practice your use of nouns, verbs, adverbs and other parts of speech.

I Know That Language Arts Skills Practice Pages
Choose an activity to practice your grammar or punctuation skills.

Quia Types of Sentences Game
Practice identifying types of sentences and their ending punctuation. (interrogative, declarative, exclamatory, and imperative)

Harcourt School Sentence Practice
Practice identifying complete, simple, and compound sentences.

I Know That: Punctuation Paintball
Practice your punctuation skills with this fun paintball game

I Know That Language Arts Skills Practice Pages
Choose an activity to practice your grammar or punctuation skills.

Typing & Keyboarding Tutor

Typer Shark—game format Download the full version for 60 minutes of free play, purchase for $19.95

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