Art Docent FAQs

I have a lesson I would like to do that is not part of the Arts Attack curriculum. May I still do it?

Yes. Any appropriate art project is acceptable. All that we ask is that you make sure the lesson will advance the curriculum, build on skills they have already learned and focus on one of these areas:

Famous Artists

If you are unsure about a lesson, please ask your child's teacher or contact the art docent coordinator for an opinion.

Are samples for artwork lessons available?

Yes and no. Some lesson samples are available in the art supply room, organized by grade level. To add to our collection, please add your samples to the grade level drawer with the following information on the back: title of project, materials used, any tips or techniques you'd like to share.

I bought my own supplies for a lesson, can I be reimbursed?

Unfortunately, no. If you'd like to do a lesson that requires materials that we do not have you may either pay for it yourself or ask for donations from the students.


My classroom doesn't have a sink. May I
still paint and do messy projects?

Yes. We have 5-gallon buckets for art docent

use in the art supply cabinet. Please fill it up

with water and tote it into your class to use as

needed. Our head custodian, Terry, has offered
up the mop sink in the custodial closet for our use.
It is the first door to the right as you exit the
handprint hall and enter campus.


Where are the supplies stored?

All of our art supplies are organized and stored in
the art room off the lower field by KOC. If the door
is locked, please ask the office staff or a custodian

for access.

Arts FAQ

Self Portrait
Acrylic Paint on Cardstock
4th Grader

We are low or out of some supplies that are usually stocked in the art supply cabinets.

What do I do?

Please contact the art docent coordinator or put a note in the art docent mailbox in the

office. I'll do my best to keep up the supply with the demand.

Where are the Arts Attack binders for my grade level kept?

The binders for all grades K-5 and the instructional DVDs are stored in the school library. You may check them out with Mrs. Schneider. Please try to return them promptly.

Arts FAQ

Playful Penguins
Paper Collage
2nd Grader


The Arts Attack binders and DVDs for my grade level are checked out from the library and I need them right away. What do I do?

You have two options. Our library tech, Mrs. Schneider, may be able to help you track down who has checked out the binders so that you may contact the docent who has it. Or, consider doing another lesson that is not part of the Arts Attack program. Free, online art lessons are available. I have listed some sites I like on the resources page of this website.

Is the kiln working?

Yes! Thanks to the LCM PTO, our kiln was repaired during summer break. If you are doing a ceramics project, please e-mail me at to set up a schedule. Because of intricacy of working with the kiln, no individual docents may operate it at this time.


Arts FAQ
Wandering Line Painting
in the Style of
Juan Miro
Tempera and Oil Pastel on Paper
1st Grader

We have several parents who would like to be art docents for our class. How do we choose?

There are a few options here. You may share
the job and divide up the number of lessons
by the number of docents. You may assign
one docent to be the main art teacher and

the others to be helpers.(It would be
considerate to explain the situation to the
volunteers and ask if they'd like to choose

something else.) One year I shared the
responsibilities with another parent. I did
lessons from online sources and she did
lessons from the Arts Attack curriculum so
we both could teach and not repeat lessons.
It worked beautifully.