Art Prints at LCM

The LCM art program is fortunate to have a large collection of high quality art prints. Please use them to help demonstrate themes, styles, and famous artists in your lessons. They are stored alphabetically in a file box in the art room.

View the complete list of what we have below (the same list is available here as a PDF), or see the PDF with thumbnail images of each print.

Inventory of Art Prints at LCM

Alphabetical by Artists’ Last Names, Miscellaneous Art at the End

Audubon, John James. Gyrfalcon. 1833

Bearden, Romare. Blue Interior, Morning. 1968

Bearden, Romare. The Piano Lesson

Bellows, Georg., Dempsey and Firpo

Benton, Thomas Hart. The Wreck of the Ole ’97. 1943

Bierstadt, Albert. Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. 1868

Bingham, George Caleb. Fur Traders Descending the Missouri

Bingham, George Caleb. The Jolly Flatboatmen

Braque, Georges. Still Life: Le Jour

Braque, Georges. Woman with a Mandolin (Study After Corot)

Breughel, Pieter. The Harvester’s Meal

Burchfield, Charles. Childhood’s Garden. 1917.

Cassatt, Mary. Woman with Dog

Cassatt, Mary. The Boating Party

Catlin, George. The White Cloud, Head Chief of the Iowas

Cezanne, Paul. Flowers & Pears

Cezanne, Paul. Mont Sainte-Victoire

Cezanne, Paul. Mont Sainte-Victoire

Chagall, Marc. I and the Village

Chagall, Marc. Detail of stained glass window in homage to Dag Hammarskjold

Cornoyer, Paul. Plaza After the Rain

Dali, Salvador. The Elephants. 1961

daVinci, Leonardo. Mona Lisa

Degas, Edgar. Ballet School

Dufy, Raoul. Mediterranean Scene

Durer, Albrecht. St. Jerome in Penance.

El Greco. View of Toledo

Escher, Maurits Cornelis. Drawing Hands

Escher, Maurits Cornelis. Relativity.

Evergood, Philip. Sunny Side of the Street

Franco Flemish. The Unicorn in Captivity. C. 1500

Gaugin, Paul. Ta Matete (The Market)

Gaugin, Paul. Tahitian Landscape. 1891

Goya, Francisco. Don Manuel Osorio de Zuniga

Hasui, Kawase. Hinomisaki in Moonlight in Izumo Province. 1924

Hicks, Edward. Peaceable Kingdom

Hicks, Edward. Noah’s Ark. 1864

Hokusai. The Great Wave, c.1800

Hokusai. A Gust of Wind at Ejiri

Homer, Winslow. Breezing Up

Homer, Winslow. Snap-the-Whip

Homer, Winslow. Bermuda Sloop, 1910

Hopper, Edward. Seven a.m.

Hopper, Edward. Nighthawks. 1942

Hurd, Peter. Eve of St. John. 1960

Kandinsky, Vasily. Improvisation 31 (Sea Battle). 1913

Kandinsky, Wassily. The White Dot

Klee, Paul. Sinbad the Sailor

Klee, Paul. Picture Album. 1937

Lange, Dorothy. Migrant Mother, California. 1936 (Photography)

Lawrence, Jacob. Parade

Magritte, Rene. Time Transfixed

Marc, Franz. The Large Blue Horses. 1911

Marquet, Albert. Summer, The Beach at Les Sables d’Olonne

Martin, John. Circus Elephants. 1941

Matisse, Henri. The Purple Robe

Matisse, Henri. Beasts of the Sea (missing)

Miro, Joan. People and Dog in the Sun

Miro, Joan. Head of a Woman. 1938

Modigliani, Amedeo. Gypsy Woman with Baby

Monet, Claude. Haystacks, 1889

Moore, Henry. Rocking Chair No. 2 (Sculpture) 1950

O’Keefe, Georgia. From the Lake No. 1

O’Keefe, Georgia. White Trumpet Flower. 1932

Orozco, Jose Clemente. Zapatistas. 1931

Picasso, Pablo. Enamel Saucepan

Picasso, Pablo. First Steps

Picasso, Pablo. The Tragedy

Picasso, Pablo. Mother and Child (missing)

Picasso, Pablo. Saltimbanques

Pickett, Joseph. Coryell’s Ferry. 1776

Pippin, Horace. Victorian Interior

Pippin, Horace. Holy Mountain III. 1945

Raphael. The Small Cowper Madonna. C.1505

Remington, Frederic. Dismounted – The 4th Troopers Moving

Remington, Frederic. The Fall of the Cowboy, 1895

Renoir. Gabriel and the Rose

Ringgold, Faith. The Sunflowers Quilting Bee at Arles

Rivera, Diego. Mother’s Helper

Rivera, Diego. Agrarian Leader Zapata. 1931.

Rouault, Georges. The Old King

Rouault, Georges. Profile of a Clown

Rousseau, Henri. Surprised! Storm in the Forest

Rousseau, Henri. The Jungle: The Tiger Attacking a Buffalo. 1908

Rousseau, Henri. Virgin Forest

Schmidt-Rottluff, Karl. Hot Springtime in the Taunus Mountains

Scholder, Fritz. Indian Portrait with Tomahawk. 1975

Seurat, Georges. The Circus

Seurat, Georges. Study for "La Grande Jatte"

Seurat, Georges. Le Cirque (The Circus). 1890-91

Sloan, John. The City from Greenwich Village

Smith, Hughie Lee. Boy with a Tire

Tanner, Henry. The Banjo Lesson

Thiebaud, Wayne. Pie Counter, 1963

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de. Divan Japonais. 1892

Turner, William. Rockets and Blue Lights

Van Gogh, Vincent. Cypress Trees

Van Gogh, Vincen., Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles

Van Gogh, Vincent. Portrait of Dr. Gachet. 1890.

Van Gogh, Vincent. Sunflowers

Wood, Grant. American Gothic

Wood, Grant. Stone City, Iowa. 1930

Wyeth, Andrew. Christina’s World


Architecture & Photography: Steichen, Edward. George Washington Bridge

Architecture: National Gallery of Art & National Center for Atmospheric Research

Photography: Solomon Guggenheim Museum & The Parthenon

Ancient Civilizations. Tlingit Indian Culture, Chilkat Blanket with Bear Design

Ancient Civilizations. Masks: Egyptian and Eskimo

Ancient Civilizations. Cave Art: Standing Bison

Ancient Civilizations. Cave Art: Head of a Stag, Many-Colored Bison, Two Bison, Yellow Horse

Ancient Civilizations. Chinese Dragon Robe

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