Open House Art Show

How to Create Art Show Posters

Quick Steps to Follow:

1. Pick up posterboards in the cafeteria. Do not cut or trim the posterboard. It is 22" x 28".

2. Select student artwork.

3. Mat artwork as desired.

4. Mount artwork to posterboards. Staples work best.

5. Label artwork with student names. (Last names are optional.)

6. Label each side of every posterboard with the teacher's name and grade level.

7. Use both sides of each posterboard.

8. Punch holes in the posterboards for hanging. Make sure the holes are as far as possible from the edges. See below for exact dimensions and hole locations.

9. Turn in to the back table in the cafeteria all day TBA

Note: Please make sure that art fits on the posterboard and does not hang over and edges.

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Art Program
Art Program

Art Program

Art Program

This spring, we will have LCM's Open House by showing off our school and our art to the La Costa Meadows community. Each student will be represented by one piece of art work that we display by class in the cafeteria. Art Docents and teachers will coordinate who does the art selection and which pieces will be chosen. You may choose to involve the students in the selection process also. I like to allow the students to choose their top 3 pieces from their portfolio then I will choose from there. Some art docents like to only display one lesson, others prefer to show a variety of projects showcasing each student's best work.

The art work should then be mounted on the posterboard. Mount two pieces of art on each side of the posterboard. The posterboard may be oriented vertically or horizontally. Please remember that the artwork will need to removed after the show so do not attach it with anything that is permanent. After trying many different methods, I have found that staples really do work the best and are easy to remove. If you only staple the mats to the posters, no art will be damaged in the process. Please do not staple two posterboards together! It will be too heavy to hang.



Label each piece of art with the student's first name; the last name is optional. Label each side of the posterboard with the teacher's name and grade level. Holes should be punched in each side of the posterboard so we can hang them from the ceiling in the cafeteria. Please put the holes as far from the edge as the puncher will permit. If you'd like to help organize and hang or take down the artwork, please contact the art docent coordinator. The posters will be returned to the teachers after the art show.


Art Program

Art Program