Behavior Expectations

Room B-23 Behavior Expectations


In order for our classroom to run smoothly, it is important for everyone to work together in an environment of respect, kindness, and hard work. To help ensure this occurs, there are a few rules students need to follow. Students will be rewarded for helping to strengthen this positive sense of community.

1. Allow everyone the chance to learn.

oStay in your seat during instructional time.
oRaise your hand to speak or stand.
oDo not shout out.
oTransitions will be swift, quiet, and orderly.
oStay on topic.
oDuring partner talk, look at your partner, lean toward your partner, and listen to what your partner has to say.
oFollow these Behavior Expectations wherever you are at LCM, including P.E., Library, Art, Science Garden, and Music.


2.    Be kind, helpful, and respectful to each other.

oMake eye contact. When someone is speaking, turn and face that person, keeping your eyes on him/her at all times.
oDisrespectful gestures such as smacking lips, rolling eyes, or making rude comments under your breath will not be tolerated.
oWhen clapping is an appropriate response to an activity, we will clap properly.
oWhen you cough, sneeze, or burp, it is appropriate to turn your head away from others and cover your mouth and nose with the bend of your elbow. Afterwards, you will say, “Excuse me.”
oWhen someone bumps into you or you bump into another person, even if it wasn’t your fault, say, “Excuse me” or “I’m sorry.”
oDo not save places.  If someone wants to sit by you, welcome him or her. Do not try to exclude anyone. We are a team and we must treat each other with respect or kindness.
oDo not whisper into someone’s ear.  If it shouldn’t be heard by everyone, then it doesn’t need to be said.
oWhen you win or do something well, do not brag.
oIf you lose, do not show anger.
oThink before you do or say something.
oDo not wear hats or hoods in the classroom.
oDo not run in the classroom.


3.      Try your hardest and do your best work.

oHomework will be turned in each day, for each subject, by every student.
oNo matter what the circumstances, always be honest. Even if you have done something wrong, it is best to admit it to me because I will respect that.
oAccept that you are going to make mistakes.  We all do! Learn from them and move on!
oShow your best effort and stay on task during work time.  Make use of the time you are given.
oDon’t give up. Use your resources and ask for help when you need it.
oRead directions and work carefully. Don’t rush. There are no prizes for finishing first.


4.     Respect classroom and school materials.

oMake every effort to be as organized as possible.
oPick up any trash you find, whether or not it’s yours.
oDo not break pencils, tear off erasers, or play with school supplies.
oPut all materials back into table buckets, shelves, drawers, etc. the way you found them.
oPut all books neatly back into the correct bins in the classroom library.
oDo not take classroom library books home with you.
oPush your chair in when you leave your seat.
Leave your desk clean and neat each day.

Pruim’s 5th Grade Behavior Contract


It is important that all students and parents understand our classroom rules and consequences, as well as our reward system. Please review these rules with your child, and return with both the student as well as the parent’s signature. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.

I firmly believe in creating a positive atmosphere for learning. It is my goal to prevent discipline problems whenever possible by reinforcing positive behavior. In addition, I have consequences for students who disrupt the classroom. 

Classroom Rules & Behavior Expectations:

Students are expected to follow these rules:

  1. Listen when your teacher is talking

  2. Follow directions quickly

  3. Respect yourself, respect others, respect your school

  4. Raise your hand to speak or stand

  5. Be safe, be kind, be honest

Classroom Behavior Expectations are printed on the back of this sheet.  Please review all expectations with your child.


I promote positive behavior with verbal or written praise, stickers, high fives, Dolphin Behavior tickets, table points, and other special privileges. Children who demonstrate excellent behavior can earn “bonuses” in our Classroom Economy and use their Dolphin Dollars to “buy” special privileges and rewards.


Negative behavior from one child can take away from the quality of learning for other children. Therefore, I have an approach that will inhibit students from disrupting the class. When a student fails to follow our classroom expectations by making poor behavior choices, I will first give a verbal warning. If the behavior continues, I will enforce our classroom discipline plan using the following steps:

First Occurrence: Verbal warning. “Warning” card placed on desk.
Second Occurrence: Sign Behavior Book and fill out a Behavior Ticket (to be signed by parent.) Possible in-class time-out, time-out in a buddy class, or loss of privileges/recess time.
Third Occurrence: Sign Behavior Book and fill out a Behavior Ticket (to be signed by parent) Responsibility Room at lunch. Fill out Student Reflection Sheet and send home for parent signature.
Severe Clause: Immediate detention and/or conference with school administration.

Please sign this form and return to class ASAP. It is my hope that we can work together this year to make this the best and most successful year of your child’s education. I look forward to a fabulous year!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (cut here and return bottom portion)  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I have read and understand what is expected of me while at school and in my classroom. I agree to follow these rules and work my way towards earning the rewards that are offered.

Student signature:________________________________________ Date:__________

I/We have read and understand the rules of the classroom and have discussed them with my/our child. I/We understand and agree with what is expected, what the consequences are, and what potential rewards can be earned.

Parent signature:__________________________________________ Date:__________