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Mrs. Karl

Second Grade – Room B-16


Website:  Please continue to check the school and class websites for information. This will be our main form of communication regarding school and classroom events and assignments.

Dolphin Envelope:  Sent home on Wednesday. Please review information and send the Dolphin Envelope back empty on Thursday morning. Papers will include completed classwork.

Backpack Folder:  Students will keep this folder in their backpack at all times. Parents are encouraged to return papers that need to be signed and/or filled out as soon as possible.


Library:  Students will be checking books out each Tuesday. It is important that all books are returned on Tuesday morning. Books need to be checked in prior to check out. If books are not returned on time, no new books will be checked out.

Classroom Library:  Students may check out one book at a time from our classroom library to read at home. Please encourage your child to be responsible and take care of these books. There is a $4.00 charge for any lost or damaged books.

Office - Check In and Out:  All tardy students and Parent Volunteers need to check in at the office. When picking up a child early, please check out in the office and they will call the classroom to send up your child. We ask that parents try to make appointments after school, so that students are not pulled out during the school day.

We also ask that parents do not sign in as a volunteer to come to the classroom to give their child a message, lunch, etc. This is disruptive to the class. Leave the message with the office and they will forward it to the teacher/student.

Phone and Email Messages:  Messages are checked in the morning and after dismissal.  If you need to get a message to or about your child before the end of school, please dial 0 for the office. Emails are the best form of communication.

Friday Flag Assembly:  All parents are welcomed to attend Friday mornings at 8:45 AM on the blacktop. We will not have Flag Assembly every Friday. Please check the calendar for specific dates.

College Wednesdays: We are College Bound at LCM. Every Wednesday, we are encouraging staff and students to wear shirts with college logos.  

Dress Code:  Please review LCM Policies for guidelines. Remember to send your child in comfortable, appropriate clothing. Shoes need to be closed toed with a strap around the heel. We do have P.E. 2 to 3 times a week when running shoes will need to be worn. Students are encouraged to wear sneakers every day, since the students run around at recess, lunch, and often other times throughout the day.

Birthdays:  (Optional) Parents can purchase a birthday book through the LCM Library and your child will be called up at a Flag Assembly.  Parents may also send in a classroom book. There are book suggestions listed on Mrs. Karl's Wish List. Please do not send in any food items. Birthday invitations should not be sent home through the classroom. Please use the class directory to email or mail invitations home.

Class Directory:  With your permission, a list will be distributed to our class with names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. This will allow you to contact classmates and send birthday invitations to students’ homes. If you do not want to be included, please fill out the bottom portion of the form. Forms will be distributed and collected at the beginning of the year.