My Behavior Policy

I believe that positive reinforcement of good behavior is the best way to maintain a healthy classroom environment. Every day is a fresh start at school, and students have the opportunity to earn rewards for great behavior. Some rewards for great behavior include verbal praise, classroom coupons, and other fun things throughout the year. Sometimes, when a student struggles to make good choices, a warning is needed. A warning is not a bad thing, and students will always have a chance to practice making smarter choices. If a student requires more than one reminder, however, there will be additional consequences. I will explain my behavior policies in more detail at Back to School Night. Please ask your child each day how the day was, and celebrate the great days!

Positive Behavior Incentives:

-Individual: Super Improver Chart
-Small Group: Table Points
-Whole Group: Marble

 Teacher with Students 


-1st: Verbal Warning
-2nd: Behavior
 Reminder on desk
-3rd: Sign in to the "Let's Fix It" Binder, Responsibility Room, Parent Signature on Reflection Form