Classroom Economy

                 Our Classroom Economy
Every student in Room 34 will be actively involved in a year-long economy unit.  They will be learning about credits and debits, banking systems, money management, store ownership, and responsible decision making.  The activities involved in this unit allow students to learn across many curriculums simultaneously.  They will be learning about and implementing major economic concepts, as well as using math skills to compute their earnings and debts owed.
                                 Classroom Job Descriptions and Salary
Salary- $5.00/Week
Banker A- Pays classmates, runs bank, and student store.
Banker B- Pays classmates, runs bank, and student store.
Salary- $4.00/Week
Paper DistributorA-Passes out papers and files papers.
Paper Distributor B- Passes out papers and files papers.
Custodian A-Changesdate, empties little trash can, straightens: computer center, teacher whiteboards, and sink area.
Custodian B- DustsMondays and Wednesdays. Vacuums Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wipes tables onFridays.
Homework Checker A- Checks homework each morning.
Homework Checker B- Checks homework each morning.
Rotation Leader- Sorts papers.

Salary- $3.00/Week
Pledge leader-Leadsthe Pledge of Allegiance each morning. *Fill Job #1.
              “Please stand for the pledge. Putyour right hand over your heart…Ready begin.”
Librarian-Putsbooks away and straightens reading area each day. * Fill Job #2.
Office Runner/PencilSharpener- Takes notes to the office and sharpens pencils daily. *Fill Job #3.
Desk Police A- Makessure desks are clean and neat. Gives ONE student a “Clean Desk Coupon.”
Desk Police B- Makessure desks are clean and neat. Gives ONE student a “Clean Desk Coupon.”
Absent Buddy- Collectspapers for any absent student(s) and completes their classroom job if needed.
Greeter/Operator- Greets anyone that walks in the room and answers phone calls if requested.
Teachers will be in charge of crediting students throughout the day for positive choices, respectful behaviors, academic “wows”, etc.  We will also charge $2.00/week for rent.  Students may be charged additionally for vandalism of school property.  
Every week, students receive $5.00 just for showing up, and they owe $2.00 in rent.
That leaves them with $3.00/week.  Of course, they can earn more by living the DOLPHIN WAY!!
Then, every other week, they can earn between 3-5 dollars for jobs (only 16 jobs, so they work biweekly).
I are SO excited to begin this adventure with your students!  Please feel free to call or email me with any concerns, comments, or suggestions for our Room 34 Economy!