What is DreamBox?
DreamBox provides an individualized math learning experience to your child in a highly engaging setting.  It is a personalized math program that utilizes "Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology to differentiate content, pace, and lesson sequence in real time".  In other words, it adapts to what your child knows or needs to review and provides practice at their appropriate level.  For students who need review on a particular concept, DreamBox reteaches the skill and allows additional practice in an engaging and motivating way.  It allows students to progress and persist at their own pace.  Students who are quickly moving through concepts are introduced to more rigorous content to help keep them excited and continuously challenged.  Your child will not be intimidated, frustrated, or bored when working on DreamBox.  In fact, they will thrive in an environment where they have more control and it is all at their pace!
How does it help me? Will I get to see my child's progress? 
When you set up your parent account, you will have access to a "Parent Dashboard".  This will provide you with information regarding what your child has completed, what they are currently working on (with breakdown by standard), and how long they have been playing (want to double check they were really playing??).  You will also be emailed updates and notified when your child has completed an adventure.  
Ok, sounds great.  But, how much does it cost?
Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.  Since your child is a student in San Marcos Unified, they have access to this amazing program...for free! 
Dream Box on the computer:
Dream Box with an iPad, our school code is:
Your child's User Name is their School ID and the Password is their birth date entered as YYYYMMDD. 
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