Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader


What is Accelerated Reader?
Accelerated Reader is a web based computer program we use at La Costa Meadows that assesses student reading level, provides a book level range, and monitors progress towards goals over time. 
How is it used in your classroom?
In my classroom, each student will take a "STAR" Test four times throughout the year: August, December, March, and May. This online assessment asks a variety of reading comprehension which determine a student's reading level. Each student takes the test in August so I may become familiar with their reading level. Using this level, I set an individual point goal for each student to reach by November. When the students take the quiz again in December, I monitor their growth and set a new goal for the child to reach by March. They will take a third test in March to set a final goal for May. The last test in May helps me and the student see the amazing growth they have made throughout the school year! 
I provide our librarian, Mrs. Schneider, with each student's reading level. Using this, she can help students pick out books from our school library to check out. Each student may check out two books at a time, one of which must be in their AR reading level. I also have a huge classroom library for them to pick books from.
Every time a student reads a book, they may take an AR quiz, which is an online multiple choice quiz. Based on how well they do on the quiz, they receive a percentage of the points possible on that book. For example, if a student reads Shiloh, worth 4 points, and correctly answers 8 out of 10 questions (80%), they will receive 3.2 points. Please note, students must receive at least 60% on the quiz in order for any points to be awarded.
If a student reaches their individual AR Goal by the class deadline, they will be able to attend a class AR party! 
There are also school incentives for 4th graders who reach 10, 50, 100, 150, and 200 points! Please see the Library AR Website for more information.
How many points is each book worth? 
Most novels that my 4th graders read are worth anywhere from 3 to 40 (or more!) points. The longer the book and higher the reading level...the more points the book is worth. For example, most Goosebumps books are around a level 3.7 and are worth 3 points while Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a level 5.5 and is worth 12 points (it's much longer and a higher level book). The book with the most AR points is War and Peace with 118 points!!
Do all books have AR quizzes?
No, but most books do. You can check if a book has a quiz, what level the book is, and the number of points possible by visiting
How can I keep track of my child's progress?
After your child takes the STAR test in August, I will send home a report to you informing you of your child's reading level, their point goal, and suggestions how you may help your child reach their goal. In December and March, you will receive another report after they take the STAR test again with your child's new reading level, the amount of growth they have made, and their new point goal. At the end of the year, your child's final STAR test result will be sent home along with a yearly report that shows their total growth throughout the year.
Every 3-4 weeks I will send home an AR Report that lists all quizzes taken, the average book level they are reading, and their current point total. Please sign these reports and send them back to school as soon as possible. You may also sign up to receive emails with more frequent reports directly from Accelerated Reader. More information about that will be coming soon!
Anything else?
Please understand that Accelerated Reader is not meant to replace our school's reading simply supports it and encourages students to read, read, read! Over the years I have seen an incredible correlation between the number of quizzes students take (and pass) and an increase in their reading levels. It's pretty obvious...the more students read, the higher their reading level becomes! Accelerated Reader encourages students to read more by awarding points and this equates to more time with a book in their hands. This helps them in ALL academic areas and helps them become more confident and successful!
If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!