Classroom Supplies

Mrs. Smith - 4th/5th Grade

Student Supply List

INDIVIDUAL STUDENT SUPPLIES (will be used daily in class):

___ (1) 2-inch heavy-duty “view” binder with clear cover (NO accordian/padded)

___ (1) package of sturdy 5-tab colored dividers for binder

___ (2) spiral bound notebooks (one green, one black)

___ (2) brightly-colored correcting pens (any color is fine except black)

___ (25) sheet protectors

___ ear buds/headphones for Chromebooks (they’ll use these every day!)


___ Ticonderoga brand pencils (sharpened if possible)

___ White copy paper

___ Colored copy paper

___ Highlighters (thin size, MULTI-COLORS)

___ Pencil top erasers

___ Hi-polymer white eraser

___ Black Fine Tip Sharpie markers

___ Black Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie markers

___ Thin tip dry-erase markers (dark colors, please)

___ 1 box Crayola markers

___ 1 box Crayola colored pencils

___ Glue sticks

___ Clorox/Lysol wipes

___ Baby wipes