Supply Lists

Third Grade Student Supply List

Supplies that will be shared: 

1 pack of plastic sheet protectors 

1 ream of white copy paper 

1 ream of any colored copy paper 

Box of Ticonderoga pencils 

Disinfecting wipes/Baby Wipes

1 box of tissues

Ziplock bags, gallon size


Supplies that will NOT be shared:

Backpack (your child should bring their backpack to school every day) 

One 3-ring “view” binder with clear cover (1.5 inch size)

spiral notebooks  

Pencil Box: (small enough to fit inside desk)    

Inside pencil box: 
3 pencils

2 red pens

1 highlighter

1 large eraser

2 glue sticks

Personal student scissor

1 mini-sized whiteboard eraser (we have whiteboards)

2 black Sharpies

*We will be providing each student with a box of crayons.  If your child prefers to purchase their own personal crayons, markers, or colored pencils, these art items will remain in the backpack when not in use.  Thank you!

Please remember these are suggested supplies, but greatly appreciated. 

For additional, optional, and much appreciated items please visit your teacher’s Amazon wish list by searching "Alyssa Wells".