Welcome to La Costa Meadows Elementary School. We look forward to working with you and your child during the upcoming school year. We believe that every child is important, and our school program is designed so that all children are motivated, challenged, and successful learners.

Please check out individual webpages for specific information.

2020-2021 Staff List:

Learning Center Instructors:

Grace Ramirez, grace.ramirez@smusd.org: Kindergarten through Second Grade
Sarah Kawzenuk, sarah.kawzenuk@smusd.org: Third and Fourth Grade
Wendi Yee, wendi.yee@smusd.org: Fourth and Fifth Grade

Specialized Academic Instructors:

Sara Gergurich (Ms. Sara); Preschool; Sara.gergurich@smusd.org

Kellyn Swenson, kellyn.swenson@smusd.org: TK through Second

Jessica Beam, jessica.beam@smusd.org: Third through Fifth

Speech Therapists and SLPA:

Audrey Figueiredo; audrey.figueiredo@smusd.org

Shirley Shaffer: shirley.shaffer@smusd.org

Anna Orr/Perrelet (SPLA) anna.orr@smusd.org

School Psychologist

Dahlia Herrera: dahlia.herrera@smusd.org

Adaptive P.E. Teacher

Kanoa Elizando (Ms. E), kanoa.elizando@smusd.org

Occupational Therapy

Emily Franks: emily.franks@smusd.org