Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Management Plan

In order to maintain a safe and positive environment for all students in our class, we have three rules. The rules were discussed in depth with your child. We expect them to be followed at all times.

Rules (These are the same as the school rules):

1.    Be Responsible; Do your best work

2.    Be Safe; Respect your school

3.    Be Respectful; Help others succeed


We LOVE to celebrate your child’s positive behavior!!! 


Individual Rewards:

Verbal praise

Positive notes to students/notes home/phone calls home

Dolphin tickets (for our weekly raffle)

CornWells classroom economy/money and coupons (to be spent at our classroom store)

Student of the month


Whole Class Rewards:

Verbal praise

Table team points

Classroom parties

CornWells money

Dolphin tickets 

Starfish Tickets/Tallies (from the school)



Verbal warning

Warning card on desk (as a visual reminder)

Writing in the “Thinking about my Behavior” book

Responsibility Room/Buddy classroom

Principal’s office/Behavior contract

*For actions that are severe (hitting, fighting, etc), students will be sent straight to the office.