Accelerated Reader (AR) Information

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What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader is a web-based computer program we use school-wide at La Costa Meadows Elementary. The program assesses students’ reading levels, promotes independent reading, provides book level ranges, and monitors reading progress toward goals.

How is AR used in your classroom?

In our classroom, each student will take the AR "STAR" Test four times throughout the year: August, December, March, and May. This online assessment presents students with a variety of reading comprehension questions, which determine the students’ reading ranges. Using the prescribed range, I set individual point goals for students to reach during a specified period.

I provide our librarian, Mrs. Schneider, with each student's reading range. During our weekly library time, she will use the data to assist students as they select independent reading books.

Once a student completes a book, he/she is encouraged to use their book to take an AR quiz (online multiple-choice quiz). Depending on his/her level of success, students earn a percentage of the points that AR has assigned that book. For example, if a student reads Shiloh (worth 4 points in AR) and correctly answers 8 out of 10 questions (scoring 80%), he/she will earn 3.2 points toward their AR goal. Please note that students must earn at least 60% on a quiz in order to collect any points.

Students reaching their individual AR goals will attend our 4th grade parties to celebrate their reading achievement!

In addition, we have school incentives for 4th graders who earn 10, 50, 100, 150, and 200 points during the school year! Please see the Library AR Website for more information.

Are students given time to read for enjoyment in class?

Yes!  Students are given time each morning to read self-selected books and take AR quizzes.

How many points are the AR books worth? 

Most 4th grade level novels are worth anywhere from 3 to 40 (or more) points. The longer the book and higher the reading level...the more points AR assigned to that book. For example, most Goosebumps books are assigned the independent reading level, 3.7 and are worth 3 points while Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is assigned the independent reading level, 5.5 and is worth 12 points (this novel is much longer and has more complex text).

Do all books have AR quizzes?

No, but most books do. You can check if a book has a quiz, the independent reading level of the book, and the number of points assigned to the book using:


How can I keep track of my child's progress and support their reading?

After your child takes the STAR test in August, I will send home a report informing you of your child's independent reading range, his/her point/testing percentage goals, and suggestions how you may help your child reach their goals. Throughout the year, I will send home copies of your child’s AR reports. In addition, I will remind you when one goal period ends and when a new one begins. You may also sign up to receive emails with more frequent reports directly from Accelerated Reader. Your fourth grader will bring home an instruction sheet to register for these reports. Build reading time into your child’s daily routine. Avoid having your child only read when he/she gets into bed. Our students work hard all day and will be tired at bedtime! Encourage your child to read during weekends if school days get too busy.

Please understand that Accelerated Reader is not intended to replace our school's reading supports our curriculum and encourages students to read, read, read! Over the years, I have seen an incredible correlation between the numbers of books students read and their reading comprehension. 

As Dr. Seuss once said…. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!