Art Supplies


- Construction Paper - Assorted Colors

- Drawing Paper - White and Manila

- Crayons

- Colored Chalk

- Oil Pastels

- Clay - Gray and Red

- Paint Brushes

- Charcoal

- Scissors

- White Glue

- Glue Sticks

- Markers - Water Based, Assorted Colors

- Liquid Starch

- Liquid Watercolors

- Clay Glaze (for clay fired in a kiln only)

- Rulers

- Speedball Ink - Assorted Colors

- Brayers for printmaking

- Watercolor paints

- Tissue - Assorted Colors

- String

- Yarn - Assorted Colors

- Paper plates

- Water cups

- Souffle cups

- T-shirts for use as painting smocks

- Watercolor paper

- Tempera paint - liquid & cakes

- Dry Wax Paper

- Paint samples of interior eggshell semi-gloss paint. We have many, many jars in a spectrum of colors. Each one has a brush attached to the lid. Check it out!


Our Arts Attack program uses up supplies

pretty quickly. If you would like to donate

something to our communal supplies,

here is a partial list of what we need:

- Liquid Watercolor Paint

- Tempera paint

- Acrylic paint

- Sharpie permanent markers - Fine Point Black

- Sharpie permanent markers - Ultra Fine Point Black

- Sharpie permanent markers - Fine Point Assorted Colors

- Sharpie permanent markers - Ultra Fine Point Assorted Colors

- Paper Plates

- Glue Sticks

- Markers


- Kiln - Our new kiln at LCM is here! (Thank you, LCM PTO.) If you would like to fire a ceramics project, please e-mail the art program coordinator so we can set up a firing schedule for the kiln. Because of the difficulty in working the kiln, individual art docents may not fire projects on their own. Thanks!

During high traffic times like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, there may be a waiting list so please plan your project time-line accordingly.

- Cardboard - Costco has flexible cardboard at their stores that I have used as a drop cloth and for making patterns and templates. I try to keep an extra few sheets of it rolled up in the art supply room. At Costco, you will find these sheets in their recycling bins or between the packages of toilet paper and paper towels. They are officially called "slip sheets."

Art Program

Wow City
Sharpie and Watercolor Markers on Paper
5th Grader

Art Program

My Pet, the Green Cat
Oil Pastel on Paper
1st Grader

Art Program

Horse Drawing
Pencil on Paper
4th Grader

Art Program

 Spring Flowers
Tissue and Tempera Collage on Paper
2nd Grader

Art Program

Self Portrait
Watercolor on Paper
3rd Grader

Art Program

Teddy Bear
Torn Paper Collage
1st Grader