Display Board Guidelines

* Must be tri-fold or easel backed and free standing

* Board should be dark blue, red, black, or green on the front side (darker colors on the back allow the information to stand out more)

* Mount your words and phrases on a mat or piece of contrasting color construction paper. Do not glue white sheets of paper directly to the board. Please see examples with Mrs. Smith!

Type in large easy to read font:

1. Topic

2. Grabber (A question or startling fact that will grab your audience's attention)

3. 3 facts your audience will learn

4. Interesting pictures and visual organizers.

5. Your name and topic on the board

Please DO NOT download research and post it OR YOUR ENTIRE SPEECH on your board. It is fine to have notes to refer to at your table but your speech must be memorized and written in your own words. PLEASE check your spelling for all words on your display board!

Presentation requirements: (MUST bring to coaching day meeting on MAY 26th)

· Display board

· Note Cards about your topic to refer to during your presentation. You will need to memorize most of your information before Coaching Day

· Some kind of a pointer to help you refer to your board during your presentation. (No laser pointers please!)

· Information/flyer/project/activity* for your audience to take with them

*If your audience will be making something, it must be something that can be done within 5-10 minutes