Welcome to Mr. Ball's Music Class

MKr Ball
Welcome to Mr. Ball's Music Class

La Costa Meadows' students are learning age appropriate musical skills and knowledge through multi-sensory learning and fun hands-on activities. In music class, they play instruments, sing, move, listen, and perform music from various genres and styles. We use computer technology, multi-media and interactive applications to capture the students imagination and interest. Our students learn about music step-by-step, building upon each lesson, in a fun, supportive and safe environment. At the beginning of each class we review and build upon what was learned in previous classes. Our Students learn about the following areas of music through participation, performance and demonstrations.

  • Rhythm and identification of note and rest duration
  • Measures and Time Signatures
  • The Grand Staff, Treble and Bass Clefs, and note identification
  • Scales, key signatures, intervals and harmony
  • Steps and accidentals (sharps, flats, natural, etc.)
  • Dots and Ties, articulation
  • Dynamics--accents, rhythm and timbre, and how music affects us personally
  • Musical Instruments and musical genres and history (Woodwind, Keyboard, Brass, String & Percussion and Fun Performances (learning how to be both musical performers and an appreciative audience).