5th Grade Student Supply List

5th Grade Student Supply List

ESSENTIAL SUPPLIES (each student needs these; will be used daily in class):

_____ 1  3-ring 2-inch heavy-duty “view” binder with clear  cover (NO accordion or padded binders, please)

_____ 5 colored tab subject dividers for binder (no pockets, please!)

_____ 2 spiral bound notebooks (any color)

_____ 2 brightly-colored correcting pens (any color is fine except black)

_____ 2 highlighters (thin size, 2 different colors)

_____ 1 hi-polymer white eraser (for paper/pencil)

_____ 2 black Fine Tip Sharpie markers

_____ 2 black Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie markers

_____ ear buds (for iPads and Chromebooks) – will be used every day

_____ 2 thin dry-erase markers (dark colors, please)

_____ Clean, old sock to be used as a white-board eraser

_____ 1 box Crayola markers and/or colored pencils

_____ scissors (Fiskars are best and students work better with full-size)

_____ 2-3 glue sticks



_____ 1 ream white and/or colored copy paper (light colors)

_____ surface wipes (ex., Clorox wipes)

_____ hand sanitizer

_____ 1 box Kleenex

_____ extra glue sticks

_____ some extra Fine and Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie markers