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Dear Parents and Students,


            My name is Keith Ball, I am the music teacher at La Costa Meadows (LCM) and the Safety Patrol Coordinator. At this time of year, I begin looking for students to participate in SAFETY PATROL for the 2022–23 school year.  Safety Patrol is a leadership position reserved for responsible students who wish to help maintain school safety

To be in Safety Patrol, you must be able to serve on a three-week rotating schedule. During the three-week rotations, students will be on duty daily (before or after school) helping keep our campus safe for three weeks at-a-time. Safety Patrol will either be in the morning (AM shift) or the end of the school day (PM shift). After each group finishes their three-weeks of scheduled Safety Patrol, they will be then off for 6 weeks, while the other two groups do their rotations. Please try to plan your safety patrol weeks by selecting a group # that does not conflict with vacations. Also, please make sure to select AM or PM shift for your student. Parents should be careful to consider what will work best for your family’s schedule and transportation needs. Below are some of the pros and cons to consider when selecting the AM/PM shift.  

Pros and Cons to consider about AM or PM shiftsAM shifts may be difficult with carpools. Students must arrive at school by 8:10AM. We have in the past, been able to put students that carpool together in the same group (group #3). After school shifts, or PM shifts, also might not work well with carpools because kids stay at school until 3:30PM (Many parents like this because it avoids the crowded pick-up time). Students in KOC are ideal candidates for Safety Patrol because they are already at school. However, please make sure to communicate with KOC if your student is going to be on Safety Patrol. Students that are in Kids on Campus will go immediately to KOC following safety patrol.

 Students really enjoy being on safety patrol. They also receive a certificate for their work and can attend two Safety Patrol parties sponsored by our PTO to reward them at the middle and end of the year.

If your student is interested in joining Safety Patrol,
please turn in this permission slip by Friday, September 9th. Please make sure to indicate your choice of AM or PM duty and which group# will fit best with your schedule (see Safety Patrol Calendar on LCM Website,

students application include: 1) application, 2) teacher referral and 3) their personal letter stating why they wish to be on Safety Patrol. Training will take place the first week for each group. Group (1) begins their three-week rotation on Monday, September 12th.

Safety Patrol is a great character-building opportunity and important for the safety of our school. If your student is interested in signing up for Safety Patrol,
please pick-up an application from school and return it to Keith K Ball, our Safety Coordinator. 

I am looking forward to working with your student this year to help keep LCM safe.


Keith K Ball

Safety Patrol Coordinator/Music Teacher

La Costa Meadows Elementary

[email protected]

(760) 420-4501 cell

(760) 290-2121, x3340


I grant permission for my student to be part of Safety Patrol and believe my child would be great for this opportunity and handle the responsibility successfully. (Please notify KOC if your student attends).




_____ AM or PM shift is fine and will work with our family’s schedule.

_____ PM only, after school shifts - leave class 5 minutes early, starts at 3:10-3:30PM, then parent pick-up.

_____ AM only, morning shifts –Starts at 8:10AM, Safety Patrol must be in position at 8:15AM.

_____ Please reserve a spot for us in (Any Group), (Group 1), (Group 2), or (Group 3) because we carpool.

_____ My student attends KOC.

Please write legibly : )

_____________________________________               ___________________________________ 

Student’s Name                                                              Parent Name                      



Teacher’s Name                                                              Grade: ____________________________


______________________________________             ___________________________________ 

Parent Signature                                                            Contact Parent Email Address


Contact Parent Telephone number: __________________________________________________


Thank You for helping keep LCM safe and serving your school and community,

Keith K Ball

Music Teacher/Safety Patrol Coordinator

La Costa Meadows Elementary

(760) 290-2121, X3340

(760) 420-4501 Cell

[email protected]


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